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A to Z Home's Cool Puerto Rico Homeschool.

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My thanks to Alison of T'CHERs for helping me sort out the resources in Spanish. Alison moderates the message board, T'CHERS Discussion Forum, which is in English and en Español.

Welcome to A to Z Home's Cool Puerto Rico Homeschool page. In Puerto Rico, the concept of homeschooling is slowly gaining recognition, as the number of homeschooling families and support groups steadily grows. If you are considering homeschooling and would like to know how to get started, please go to FAQ If you have just begun to homeschool or are a veteren, please explore the various links listed below. Enjoy your homeschooling adventure!


Bienvenidos a la pagina de A to Z Home's Cool Puerto Rico Homeschool. En Puerto Rico, el concepto de la educacion en el hogar esta ganando reconocimiento a medida que aumenta el numero de familias y groupos de apoyo. Si estas considerando el hogar-escuela y te gustaria saber como
comenzar, favor de ir a la siguiente direccion FAQ Si apenas acabas de comenzar, o si eres ya veterana/o, por favor explora los enlazes (links) en el listado a continuacion. Que disfrutes tu aventura de la educacion en el hogar!

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