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Solving equations graphically: graphing calculator

Mer, 2020-11-11 09:52
Solve equations of the form f(x)=g(x) by graphing both f and g.

Graph sinusoidal functions

Mar, 2020-11-10 09:45
Given the formula of a sinusoidal function of the form a*f(bx)+d, draw its graph.

Dilations and properties

Lun, 2020-11-09 19:34
Given a shape and the dilation that is performed on it, determine which properties the shape and its image share.

Guard cells and stomata

Lun, 2020-11-09 08:37
Guard cells and stomata

Huygens' principle: wavefronts through different media

Lun, 2020-11-09 01:10
Let's practice some problems to better understand how wavefronts change shapes while passing between media of different optical densities.

Huygens' principle: wavefronts and secondary wavelets

Lun, 2020-11-09 01:10
Let's practice some problems to better understand the nuances in Huygen's principle, that describes the interaction between wavefronts and surfaces.

Paths of charged particles in uniform magnetic fields

Lun, 2020-11-09 01:09
Let's practice some problems to better visualize the trajectories of charged particles moving through a magnetic field.


Lun, 2020-11-09 01:08
Let's practice some problems to better understand how AC voltages are stepped up or stepped down using transformers.

Probabilities of compound events

Ven, 2020-11-06 01:46
Practice using sample space diagrams to find probabilities.

Ratio test

Gio, 2020-11-05 17:27
Practice using the ratio test in order to determine whether a series converges or diverges.

Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions

Mer, 2020-11-04 20:51
Check your understanding of redox reactions in this set of free practice questions designed for AP Chemistry students.

Multi-step word problems with whole numbers

Lun, 2020-11-02 22:39
Solve multi-step word problems using any of the four basic operations. Interpret remainders and their effect on the quotient.

Math patterns

Lun, 2020-11-02 22:35
Identify arithmetic patterns (including ones in the addition or multiplication tables), and explain them using properties of operations.

Using the trig angle addition identities

Lun, 2020-11-02 19:32
Find the trig values of sums of angles whose individual trig values are known.

Limits of composite functions

Dom, 2020-11-01 15:27
Find limits of a composition of two functions whose graphs are given.

Systems of equations word problems (with zero and infinite solutions)

Dom, 2020-11-01 14:56
Solve word problems that involve systems of equations, where there can either be a single solution, no solution, or infinite solutions.

Independent probability

Sab, 2020-10-31 17:49
Find probabilities of independent events like flipping a heads and rolling an even number!

Two-way tables, Venn diagrams, and probability

Sab, 2020-10-31 17:43
Practice using the addition rule in two-way tables and Venn diagrams to calculate probabilities.

Series LCR circuits: frequency response graphs

Ven, 2020-10-30 08:03
Let's practice some problems to better understand how changes in a series LCR circuit affects the frequency response graph (current versus frequency graph).

Series LCR circuits: resonance frequency

Ven, 2020-10-30 07:55
Let's practice some problems to better understand the driving frequency at which resonance occurs in series LCR circuits.