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New exercises from Khan Academy 2019-10-22T19:31:53.856359
Actualizado: hace 56 mins 38 segs

Solve equations using structure

Mar, 2019-07-23 18:59
Solve advanced equations by strategically using quadratic factorization methods.

Solve exponential equations using exponent properties (advanced)

Mar, 2019-07-23 18:14
Example: Solve 32^(x/3) = 8^(x-12).

Solving kinematic equations for horizontal projectiles

Mar, 2019-07-23 17:43
Practice solving two dimensional projectile motion problems when the vertical and horizontal components of velocity are given (no trigonometry)

Visualize distributive property

Mar, 2019-07-23 17:41

Division with arrays

Mar, 2019-07-23 17:20

Interpret dot plots with fraction addition and subtraction

Mar, 2019-07-23 16:26
Create and interpret dot plots using data with fractions.  Fraction operations include addition and subtraction.

Multiply by 10

Mar, 2019-07-23 15:57
Multiply 10 by 1-digit numbers.

Round to nearest 10 or 100 on the number line

Lun, 2019-07-22 18:55
Practice rounding to the nearest ten and rounding to the nearest hundred on the number line.

Unit circle (with radians)

Vie, 2019-07-19 12:54
Get more practice with the unit circle definition of sine and cosine, this time with radians instead of degrees.

Graph data on line plots (through 1/8 of a unit)

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:51
Graph data from charts and frequency tables on dot plots. Data include fractions in halves, fourths, and eighths.

Convert units word problems (US customary)

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:49
Solve 1-step word problems involving US Customary units of measure.

Convert units word problems (metrics)

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:49
Solve 1-step word problems involving metric units of measure and time.

Convert units of time

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:49
Convert lengths of time between seconds, minutes, and hours

Volume as area of base times height

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:46
Find area of rectangular prisms by multiplying the area of their base by their height.

Volume with unit cubes

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:45
Find volume of 3-dimensional figures by counting unit cubes.

Understand multiplying decimals

Vie, 2019-07-19 03:38