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New exercises from Khan Academy 2020-04-03T00:47:33.945039
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Perfect competition foundational concepts

Lun, 2019-12-23 21:12
Practice what you have learned about the foundational ideas behind perfectly competitive markets, including the characteristics of a perfectly competitive market, profit-maximization, and graphs of perfectly competitive firms.

Imperfect competition

Lun, 2019-12-23 19:59
Practice what you have learned about the difference between perfect competition and different forms of imperfect competition in this exercise.

Efficiency and monopolies

Lun, 2019-12-23 19:53
Practice what you've learned about natural monopolies in this exercise, including what makes a monopoly a natural monopoly, government regulation, and efficiency.

Price discrimination

Lun, 2019-12-23 19:51
Practice what you have learned about price discrimination, including first degree (a.k.a, perfect price discrimination) in this exercise

The effects of government intervention in different market structures

Lun, 2019-12-23 19:44
Practice what you've learned about options available to regulate markets where the socially optimal quantity is not produced.

Convert to smaller units (mm, cm, m, & km)

Lun, 2019-12-23 18:55
Practice converting a metric measure of length to a smaller unit.

Solving freefall problems using kinematic formulas

Lun, 2019-12-23 18:48
Practice calculating velocity, displacement, and time from word problems when an object is in freefall.

Individuals, variables, and categorical & quantitative data

Lun, 2019-12-23 18:44
Practice identifying components of a data set: individuals, variables, categorical data, quantitative data.

Trends in categorical data

Lun, 2019-12-23 18:42
Analyze categorical data to find some trends.

Advanced circuit analysis

Dom, 2019-12-22 19:25
Practice analyzing circuits with series and parallel resistors using Kirchhoff's laws and Ohm's law. 

Properties of shapes

Vie, 2019-12-20 23:23
Identify and compare shapes based on their attributes.  Shapes include triangle types, quadrilateral types, pentagons, and hexagons.

Decompose angles

Vie, 2019-12-20 22:09
Find an angle's measure when given the measures of its parts.

Square roots

Vie, 2019-12-20 18:26
Practice finding the square root of a perfect square positive integer.

Natural selection

Vie, 2019-12-20 05:24
Test your knowledge of natural selection!

Sum of n terms (advanced)

Jue, 2019-12-19 21:58
Let's practice some challenging problems related to sum of terms of an arithmetic progression.

Sum of n terms (intermediate)

Jue, 2019-12-19 18:41
Let's practice using the expression for sum of n terms of an arithmetic progression to find the first term and the common difference.

Key ideas: drama 8

Jue, 2019-12-19 18:08
Key ideas - drama - 8th grade

Key ideas: creative fiction 8

Jue, 2019-12-19 17:57
Key ideas - creative fiction - 8th grade

Key ideas: realistic fiction 8

Jue, 2019-12-19 17:52
Key ideas - realistic fiction - 8th grade

Key ideas: poetry 6

Jue, 2019-12-19 17:23
Key ideas - poetry - 6th grade