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Sine wave RMS value - derivation (without calculus)

Jue, 2021-06-03 11:01
To calculate the RMS value of any function, we first square it, then find the mean value over some time period, and finally take the square root of it. Since sine and sin squared functions are both symmetrical in their centers, we can calculate their mean value without using calculus. Let's explore how.

What is RMS value? (& why should we care?)

Jue, 2021-06-03 11:01
RMS or root mean square current/voltage of the alternating current/voltage represents the d.c. current/voltage that dissipates the same amount of power as the average power dissipated by the alternating current/voltage. For sinusoidal oscillations, the RMS value equals peak value divided by the square root of 2.

AC voltage applied to resistors

Jue, 2021-06-03 11:01
When an alternating voltage is applied to a purely resistive circuit, the current can be calculated using Ohm's law. We find the current also alternates in phase with the voltage.

Discovering Sacred Texts: Hinduism

Vie, 2021-05-28 17:16
Discover the diversity and richness of Hinduism, from the ancient oral tradition of the Vedic texts, the colourful stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and the ways in which gods and goddesses are worshipped today. From the British Library.